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6.2 TWO STROKE ONLY - $70.00 The location for two stroke fuel drop off will be at the Start Finish Line, South Stuart Hwy adjacent to the registration centre.  Times of fuel (and gear) drop off and collection will be confirmed closer to the event and listed in the official Competitor  Information  Booklet.  All  fuel  cans  must  be  clearly  marked  with  your  competition  number.    Organisers will transport fuel to Fuel Stops 1, 2, 3 and Finke Checkpoint, if required.  Fuel must be stored in standard 20 litre “jerry cans”.  No other containers will be carried. These fuel stops are marked by signs,  Fuel Stop 1, Fuel Stop 2 and Fuel Stop 3.  All riders are responsible for refuelling their own machines.  Whilst the organisers will make every effort  to  secure  fuel  left  for  transportation,  no  responsibility  will  be  taken  and  no  insurance  is  offered  for  loss  or damage to said fuel.   

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